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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chivalry is Not Dead

I have questioned recently whether or not good, old-fashioned chivalry is now extinct. When I carry large, 50-pound boxes through the student center and guys watch me pry the door open with my heel and maneuver my way through the opening, I just shake my head in disbelief and wish Cary Grant or Gregory Peck were around.

When I get all dressed up and curl my hair, only to find out I am being taken to Ryan's buffet, I force a smile and slop more mashed potatoes and jello on my plate.

When I suggest cool ideas and places to try and am met with a disgruntled grunt for a reply, I grit my teeth and try to enjoy the rest of the football game on TV.

...You get the idea. Ashton has not been on many brain-stimulating dates lately. Unnnnntil....last night!

To protect his identity (although it doesn't necessarily need to be protected), we will refer to him as " Sir Lancelot."

Other than the monsoon that swept into Searcy, AR last night and deflated my hair, the night went really well. We met up, and favorite flowers, mind you...were waiting for me: a beautiful, friendly arrangement of daisies and tulips. Whereas red roses scare me because of their fiery passion and implications, these flowers were just right.

We went to a nice restaurant. Branching out from Chili's--the nicest restaurant I had previously been to (haha)--was a little scary and at times I felt like a country bumpkin playing dress-up at a nice restaurant. No matter what questions I posed (like: Do I stick this whole sushi thing in my mouth at once?) he would just smile and patiently tell me how to do it properly. He taught me about food and sauces and how they can team up to make something delicious.

After a three-course meal, Lancelot and I moved on to a coffee shop to continue the conversation that was flowing nicely. There, we talked for a few more hours and even ran into my Mimi and Pawpaw (gotta love small towns!) It was good though-- because I feel like he kind of got a feel for who I am and what family is all about for me.

It was so refreshing just to be with someone who took the time to find out what I like, what makes me tick. He had Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble playing in the car. See? It's all in the details. It is taking the time to show someone else that they are important. No matter what comes of it, it was such a blessing. And so refreshing. And I thank God for that reminder that courtesy is still alive and well-- and that there truly are men out there who seek you out for the right reasons.

In recent years, I have been told, "You're hot," "I like your bod," etc. Though some girls find this immensely flattering--and I thought I did-- I have come to find that the highest compliment is found in someone treasuring you for what they see in you. He told me at the end of the night that he could tell that I had a good heart and a heart for the Lord. That, to me, far surpasses any compliment of outer beauty.

...Ok, the 7th grade diary entry is now over. I questioned whether or not to even go through with this, but figured those who have been rooting for my dating life (or lack thereof) for years would appreciate an update.

"Nothing is ever lost by courtesy. It is the cheapest of the pleasures; costs nothing and conveys much. It pleases him who gives and; him who receives, and thus, like mercy, it is twice blessed.
Erastus Wiman


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