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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Weekend Update

I apologize for my recent lack of writing. My friends and family have wondered whether or not I have dropped off the face of the earth. I have not; it just seemed that the events that make up my life had come to a momentary halt. Between school, work and my three jobs, it seemed like I was living the same mundane day over and over again. Writing deadlines at two of the jobs curbed my creative writing and flexibility on the side; to write about fun things; things that brought me joy instead of dread.

Luckily, after responding to each of my friend's questions with, "My life just hasn't been very exciting lately," the Fabulous Familiar fairy decided to get back to work and play catch-up this weekend. Here, in no particular order, are some of the happenings of Ashton's weekend:

* On Friday night, Loramy and my friend Ashley and I decided to go on an impromptu walk around Harding's campus. Having not checked the weather channel, we just assumed it was a nice night for a stroll. This being an impromptu walk, we were all dressed nicely and had shoes on that were not conducive to walking briskly. We get quite a ways from our car and then we feel the first drop. Then another. Then another. Loramy does a quick about-face and says, "Oh no, we better get going." We link arms, huddle for warmth (the temperature has now dropped like 10 degrees) and walk as fast as we can.

The rain begins to strengthen; and it becomes apparent to us that rushing is not going to help us stay dry. Loramy suggests, "Hey, why don't we just go over there, call public safety and have them pick us up?" I, being the intelligent brunette that I am, actually utter these words: "Well, we'd end up getting more wet just standing here waiting on them than if we just walked back real quick." They both look at me with questioning, "Did you really just say that?" faces and then point to the nearby gym. Oh. My bad.

By the end of it, my make-up was pretty gross and my hair, which had been straight and coiffed, had become a frizzy mess; we all pretty much looked and smelled like wet dogs.

** Wet dog smelling or not we still made our way to Wal-Mart to get ice cream and a cookie log (you put the whole cookie roll on a cookie sheet and bake; it is DIVINE!) Then, we made our usual stop by Red Box to get a movie for a dollar. Because it is still raining, we voted Loramy to get out and get the movie. She readily complied considering there was a handsome cowboy already in line. As she looked back at Ashley and I with a huge grin on her face, we knew she wasn't JUST going to be looking at movies.

We wait. And wait. And wait. All we see are arm movements signaling conversation and laughter going on. Sure enough, she comes back with two movies and stars in her eyes. "His name is Joey..." After this, she proceeds to tell us what all she has learned about Joey; which is a lot for just being under an awning in the rain for 10 minutes. We haven't even made it 3 minutes down the road and she, after being spurred on by Ashley, decides she needs to go back and ask him for his number.

"No..." I plead. I just want to head back home and be saved from such embarrassment. I am overruled and the car makes a sudden turn and heads back toward Red Box. I decide I am not going to be present for this so I flop myself into the back seat; from there, I slide down under the seat as not to be seen by this Joey character. She rolls down the window and yells, "Hey, Joey!" He looks over and she says, "My friends think I need to ask for your number!" Though offended that she used the plural "friends," I still listened. Unfortunately, it seems that cowboy had a cowgirl at home. Gotta give her props for being bold, though.

** I am always getting pranked. It is a constant in my life. On the days that I try to get people back, it usually backfires and--once again--becomes a trick on Ashton. Case in point, Saturday night. Loramy and Ashley wanted to go spy on our other roommate Allison so we parked our car in the nearby high school parking lot. I stayed in the car and waited for them to return. When they got back to the parking lot, I drive off (not thinking that this isn't a good prank because they can WALK back home). When I come back to get them, I don't see them anywhere. I call Loramy. "Where are you?" I inquire. She proceeds to lead me on a wild goose chase. I am driving, turning, looking everywhere. It soon occurs to me that they are probably at home, guiding me from the comfort of the couch. Sure enough, I walk in the door and see a group of people laughing at me. I had been driving around, peering in dark places, looking for my dear friends. I had been a mariachi puppet, guided by the strings of deception.

** Sunday was not without its embarrassing moments. I ate Easter dinner with my friends and family. After I had finished my meal, I got up to use the restroom. I can't exactly explain how this occurred--because I have no idea how it could. I must have moved too suddenly because my foot hit the dining room chair in front of me...HARD. I stubbed all five toes at once. I didn't think, due to the different lengths of the toes, that this was possible, but I am living proof that it is. The impact caused me to fall forward and land flat on my stomach. I hurriedly pull my skirt down to keep my family from witnessing an unflattering sight as they finished their ham. I get back up and hang my head in defeat. It is then that I hear the encouraging words of my grandmother. "Ashton, look here. I want to take a picture." Everyone laughs as my dear sweet Mimi took this moment to capitalize on a painful moment. "It's for posterity!" she says reassuringly.

After finishing up with the paparazzi and autographs, I limp my way to the bathroom. When I emerge from the bathroom, my mom starts laughing. 'Are they really not over it yet?' I ask myself. It is then that I see my mom peer behind me.

"Ashton, the back of your skirt is tucked in your underwear!" Laughter ensues again. Really? Happy Easter to me.


I hope that this is the start of more faithful writing. Where there is Ashton, there is always material.


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