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Thursday, November 4, 2010

You are What You...Watch

I just read an article from “Advertising Age” that I found quite interesting. According to psychographic ad targeter Mindset Media, the TV shows you watch say a lot about your personality. The article went on to expand on popular TV shows and what people were found to tune into them the most.

“Mad Men,” though I have never watched it, attracts creative people. According to the research, creative people were 41% more likely to watch than their less creative counterparts. They tend to be intellectually curious and consider themselves dreamers rather than realists. Advertisers who appeal to them include Apple and Audi A6, while Microsoft and GMC Sierra would be less likely to grab their interest. Often times, “Mad Men” viewers tend to be more liberal.

While I would LOVE to recount the article word for word, I have decided instead to explore and dissect my own media smorgasbord. Every Tuesday, I eagerly await “Glee.” The article asserts that Gleeks tend to be very open people who believe that imagination and intellectual pursuits contribute to a good life, and that they go out in search of unique and varied experiences. Brands that connect: Volkswagen Jetta; brands that don't: Quaker cereal and Chevy Silverado.

Hold up. It's like they know me. This coming from the girl who will open up about anything (I say as you read my blog), who is pursuing her graduate degree (intellectual pursuit), and who studied in Europe for a semester to experience the world. Looks like there is some reason that I sit on my couch each week singing "Faithfully" with a bunch of high school misfits.

Another show I can't get enough of is "The Office." For all you fellow Office viewers out there, we apparently tend to think we are superior to others. They found that 47% of alpha dogs were fans of the show and that fans tended to prefer being in charge as opposed to being directed. Part of me would love to shout, "No! How dare they say this about me!" But I am quickly quieted by the MBA student who insists on compiling the paper every week just to make sure it is done well. And the girl who has to subdue her inner urge at work to say, "This just isn't practical. This could be done so much more efficiently."

I only wish that "Law and Order: SVU" had made the list. Why? Because FOR YEARS I have had an adrenaline-pumping experience every time I hear the voice-over at the beginning and the theme song. I almost squeal every time I hear "These are their stories" because I know that crazy opening scene is right after the "Bum. Bum." sound. I used to watch the marathons for days on end and my dad once brought over a bedpan to the couch "just in case I needed it."

Besides the obvious attraction, Detective Stinkin-Hot Stabler, I haven't quite figured out my life-long fascination with the show. Say what you will. Maybe I like justice; maybe it's my longing to help people who are in dire need of it; maybe I just like to watch a proper body-slam on the pavement go down. Whatever it is, I can't get enough of it. If this whole journalism thing doesn't work out, maybe I can always obtain a badge and become Olivia Benson.

While plenty of humble people may love "The Office" and plenty of agenda setters may look forward to "Mad Men" every week, this study is still very appropriate and interesting in many facets. Take a minute to consider what you consume and why you may consume it.

Maybe self-awareness is just a remote control away.

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